About Me!



Choosing a photographer can prove to be a difficult decision, but it’s one that deserves thoughtfulness.   Photographers are incredibly unique, each with their own style and personalities…Just like you! So why should you choose me?  Love is a big deal and it’s deeply personal when a couple invites me not only to be apart of such an amazing memory but also honors me with the importance of recording it.  It’s an amazing privilege and one that I treat with care.

So who am I?  That’s always a difficult question to answer.  It’s hard to “know” a person until you’ve spent at least 3 minutes with them, right….so here is me in 3 minutes…or 4 if you are slow reader.

I’m married to my best friend….he’s a pretty sexy human being.
We made a little person 4 years ago….she is a ballerina/princess/doctor.
I’m awesome sauce because I grew a ballerina/princess/doctor with my own body!
We also have two fur babies….I did not grow them….they were adopted.
I live in Los Angeles but my roots are deep in sweet tea and biscuits so I’m in Nashville, TN and Raleigh, NC whenever I get the chance.
My southern accent gets super thick when I talk to my sister or mom on the phone.
I grew up on a horse farm.  I miss it.
I cheer for the Belmont Bruins during basketball season.
I love the Mindy Project.  Mindy & Danny are my new Ross & Rachel.
I can rap Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby’s Got Back’ on demand.
I love to travel.  Lhasa, Tibet is the most beautiful destination I’ve ever visited.
I don’t mind driving long distances….it just means I can rock out to Taylor Swift and Brittney Spears longer.
I love natural light and outdoor weddings.
Don’t offer your hand.  I’m a hugger.
I’m an Alpha Gamma Delta gal….much love to all my sisters.
I boycotted the Walking Dead for over a year because I’m too attached to the characters….I eventually caved. It’s too good.
I fear the same boycott will happen with Game of Thrones.
I’m a hoarder of lipstick and sorority letter shirts.
I often work in my PJs.   Don’t worry, I’ll put on real pants for your wedding.
I like to buy cute mugs but I don’t own a coffee machine.  That’s why God made Starbucks.
I could eat my weight in cotton candy and cocktail shrimp.  But not together because that would be gross….and weird.
I’m oddly attracted to David Bowie….I think I watched the Labryinth too many times.
I only get cravings for Chick-Fil-A on Sundays!  Dang!
I want to live in Paris for one year before I die.

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