Hello!  I'm SammieB  I'm married to my best friend....he's a pretty sexy human being.  We made a little person 5 years ago....she's a ballerina/princess/doctor.  I like to think I'm awesome sauce because I grew a ballerina/princess/doctor with my own body.  We also have a very lazy fur baby....he's adopted.  

My small family and I are all travelers at heart with a love for the west coast but our roots are deep in sweet tea and biscuits. Born in Nashville, TN and am now splitting my time betwen California and North Carolina.   

I'm an accidental photographer. I picked up a camera back in 2012 when my husband and I started our business, X-Doria.  I shot all of our product and commerical photography. Today I focus primarly on weddings and portraits, shooting both digital and film.