And for a breath of fresh air…….Aww…Yes, shooting senior sessions is that rare and lovely thing I like to toss into the mix.  This spring, I was completely focused on weddings and did zero marketing to seniors, so I was pleasantly surprised when Camille and her mom called…..And I was ever so excited to jump at the opportunity to shoot my first senior session of the year.

So first of all, Camille is simply gorgeous!  She is a natural stunner and so easy to photograph.  Every once in a while you get those clients that are just spot on and every image is just dreamy….I call them photography unicorns.  Yes, Camille was my unicorn for the day.  We spent our day on the rocky beaches below the Montage in an amazing little nook along Laguna Beach.  It’s one of my favorite places along the coast.  I had an amazing time despite the tide coming in far too quickly and nearly eating my camera bag and gear!  You guys have never seen me move so fast!

At the end of shoot I actually told Camille and her mom to head back without me….The sun was setting and I just wanted to moment to soak it all in.  So much gorgeousness here.

Congrats on your graduation Camille!  I’m so excited for you and your next chapter!!





AWW!! This is such a SWEET senior session!! Makes me wish I still did them!!

What a breathtaking location for senior photos! And she’s gorgeous of course!

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